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Newspaper headlines of recent e-commerce security breaches.
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IT'S A FACT: Network security is critical to the survival and growth of your business.

Welcome to, the web presence for the Network Security Practice of Bennett Gold LLP, Chartered Accountants, Toronto, Canada.

Bennett Gold LLP, a world leader in WebTrust Certification, has long recognized that network security is a cornerstone of business success. Yet, it is astonishing the number of businesses that pay only lip-service to their internal network security.

We have developed our specialized Network Security Assessment to assist business of any size in becoming more secure in their data management, internal procedures and controls, and network security regime.

The news headlines on the next page reveal the issues that business like yours face today.

Robert Gold, our Managing Partner, is available to discuss your network security and how our Network Security Assessment can safeguard your assets and contribute to your bottom line.

Robert is available in our Toronto office at 416-449-2249, or by e-mail anytime at

Security matters. Don't wait.

Security is not a technology problem; it is a business problem. Download "Securing The Internet Economy - An Executive Guide To Managing Online Risk" [download PDF file, 278 KB]